Learning To Eat Bugs

We have modified our environment so radically that we must now modify ourselves to exist in this new environment. Norbert Wiener, 1950

Wiener’s statement refers to how the consequences of human intervention in our ecosystem are now backfiring on us. 60 years on the prevailing view is that a behavioral change – voluntary or imposed – is necessary to limit the damages of the environmental disasters we have caused. Through the development of a mobile, autonomous art-machine based on ideas and techniques from digital fabrication, we raise questions about behavioral change in light of sustainable progress.

Our art-machine will use sensory input to modify its behavior and the art it creates. The art could be permanent sculptures or temporary structures made from ethereal materials, thus raising questions about the nature of digital fabrication and making. Our research is asking questions about machines as independent creative individuals, about autonomy, creativity and about where the human ends and the machine starts. We ask which knowledge and which qualities exist within the machine, in the outcome it produces, and in the creative act itself. We want to expose how art and technology affect each other, and to question how we experience the world through technology.