Bombardo; degrees of fear

Det å skape (kunst) som selvforsvar, gjemmested, stikke hode i sanden, redsel for det ukjente, shield

sakset fra Fasten your seat belts, this episode’s an Adventure in Introspective Space! Me and web cartoonist Ryan Dow of Introspective Comics discuss the idea of hiding behind one’s art. We discuss how one can use his/her art as a “Crutch” and the possibility of using one’s art to avoid facing the real world. I know it sounds like “Snake pit of the Mind” material, but trust me it’s more like “Earthworms of the Soul” material. If you get a chance, take a listen and find out for yourself!

er vi drevet av frykt? og ikke trangen til å skape?

-and how has tech revolutions evolved over time? In stead of a bubble, maybe what have now is foam. NYU professor Clay Shirky


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