Philosphical Toys

Philosophical toys as tools for the imagination and as models for a theory and/as practice between science and art.”Philosophical Toys” is a term used for objects that enable us to understand processes, functions, relations and effects. In contrast to models – that are designed for quite similar purposes, but with the focus on visualization and objectification – Philosophical Toys are more closely related to processes of active research, experiment and knowledge production. Rather than being products, they are instruments of imagination, insight and invention – or, if you want so: tools for thinking by doing, for a synthesis of theory and/as practice. And, perhaps most important: this synthesis is realized in a playful way. ”

Hentet fra nettstedet

Et annet begrep prosjektet faller inn under er ArtBots. Dette kan forklares som maskiner kunstnere bruker som verktøy for å lage kunst. Maskinen lager kunst i sammarbeid med kunstneren. Kunsten som kommer ut av dette samarbeidet kan kalles Art Robotica.


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